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In order to see where you are going often times its necessary to see where you have been. I try to do this every six months, I think about events, new technologies and accomplishments. Below is a list of a few of these that I have been thinking back too:

Mid-Michigan Tweet Up’s

July marked the first of many of Tweet-Ups that occurred in the past six months in the Lansing area. The Mid-Michigan Tweet Up was started by Jennifer Midland, Betsy Weber and Casey Anderson Its a great way to get out to the local pub, enjoy a few drinks and make some new friends, outside of the tech community.


Held down in Tennessee and organized by Michael Neel, Wally McClure and Alan Stevens. What I remember most about this event, was the people. A few people traveled a great distance to make this event, James Avery, Rachel Appel, Scott C Reynolds a few names that helped make this event enjoyable.

Dev Link

A few weeks after Code Stock, the car was packed up again for another trip down to Tennessee. This year Alan Stevens organized the Open Spaces and they where great. It was the first .net event in the Midwest that I truly feel nailed what an open space conference was.

Job Move To Web Ascender

In July, I joined Web Ascender, a web development firm started by friends of mine Ryan Doom and Kevin Southworth. It was a great move. Kevin and Ryan foster a great learning environment, where everyone is eager to learn about new things.

Web Ascender Becomes a Microsoft Certified Partner

Soon after staring at Web Ascender, I was able to help the company become a Microsoft Certified Partner, this was my second time going through the steps of this process and with all the certifications that the guys at Web Ascender already had, made it a breeze.

MVP Award

On an early October day, I received an email entitled “Congratulations MVP 2008”, for a Most Valuable Professional award in from Microsoft. 

Ann Arbor Day of .net

A few weeks before Halloween Jason Follas, John Hopkins, Scott Z, Chris Woodruff and few others, put on a great conference at the Washtenaw Community College. I believe this was the 4th year, and those guys really know how to run an event, its like clock work every year.


Its always great when you are able to attend conferences on this scale, plus October is a great a great month to have an event.  It was great to see so many friends, make new friends and learn as much as I did. The memory that sticks out most is at the attendee party, Dave Bost suggesting that we go on the “Movie Tour Ride” because Jennifer Marsman didn’t like the haunted attractions, turned out to be the scariest haunted attraction I had ever been to, it was great. . 

Great Lakes Software Excellence Conference

This event is in Grand Rapids Michigan, and my first year attending/speaking. The conference attracts project managers, QA and a few developers. There were very few people that I had already met, so it was a great opportunity to meet a new group of friends.

Web Ascender Becomes a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner

After only being a certified partner for about 5 months, Web Ascender was able to achieve Microsoft Gold Partner Status. With only six employees this makes Web Ascender one of the smallest Gold Partners in the country.