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It's 2011 and it sure feels allot like 2010. We are packing up and moving from the Snowbird resort, to head back down to the strip mall filled area of Midvale where we will be spending our final night in Utah. Staying at the Snowbird resort was amazing, with Carla being hurt it was the best thing we could have done. We had a good selection of things that we could do, and we stayed busy the whole time. It was very relaxing, and great to be able to go snowboarding for a few hours, come back spend time with Carla work for a bit then head back out.

We meet a lot of great people, I will remember George the shuttle driver the most. He was a super nice guy and was always upbeat. When it snows heavy at Snowbird, the resort staff have to track down every ones keys for cars in the parking lot, and move each car so the lot can be plowed. This look them until about 2 AM to do this one night, and George was back to work at 6 AM. The other shuttle bus driver I will remember is Mike, he reminded me someone I used to work with Matt Hall. Mike talked just like Matt, was super excited about everything and had a really good outlook on life. Mike was from Maine, and swear Matt and Mike could have been brothers, they even looked similar. I knew they were the same when Mike said this statement "Its a really special day out there today" WTF?!?!? Matt used to say things where special all the time and I gave him a hard time about it. I love meeting people that are so upbeat like this, you are who you surround yourself with. If you surround yourself with upbeat people you will be upbeat.

Other memories i will have is the chicken wings at the Wild Flower Lounge, throwing snowballs in the pool, and the conversations that Carla and I had on this trip.

Back in Midevale today, we stopped at the Indian restaurant that we enjoyed so much previously and had another wonderful meal. This time the buffet was open, and I was able to sample a great deal of the dishes they offered. Carla still thinks Mumbai in East Lansing is better, but I disagree.

I think this is going to be the last blog post in this series, since the only thing we are going tomorrow is heading to the airport for our journey home. The trip out to Utah was a great trip, and enabled me to relax and get a ton of stuff stuff. I have been trying to get windows reinstalled on my development machine for almost 6 months......As of right now, I am caught up with my email, community activities, and work tasks (there are a few that I'm waiting on others for). I still have to finish a chapter for a book, but the research is done, and is started.

I have great hopes for 2011.