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Today I spent  a fair amount of time looking into 2011. Business goals and personal goals where the hot topic for the day. After about 6 days of Snowboarding, I'm about done. My arms are soar, I've seen all of Snowbird today will be spent getting caught up on life.

Through out the vacation I have been working on a mobile application for Mike Webber and Dead Beat Entertainment. Its a simple application, just goes out to Facebook, and grabs the up coming gigs. I was able to finish this app, today and shoot it to him for approval.



Thought the "vacation" i have been keeping track of my time, that i have been working and doing community stuff. I'm up to 35 does that happen when someone is on vacation. I think it has to do with being highly motivated, and wanting to get things done. I'm working on another event for Lansing (details soon to come), which made me send emails out to about 40 moves and shakers in the area. With in 1 hour, I had a reply from half of them. Moving fast, and jumping on opportunity is important in the world today. We have all heard that the "Early bird catches the worm", its true and its one piece of advice I try to share with everyone willing to listen. If you sit on an idea, someone else will have your idea. I learned about this in college. My roommate Tim and I used to scheme all the time about the next great internet idea. We would start off strong, then lose interest and then sure enough a few months later that hot idea we had, was already a viable company that someone was making money from. Mind you this was during the .net com boom, and VC's were throwing money left and right. Thinking back, to one idea we had that someone became successful with was, a ride share website. I wanted to learn PHP, so Tim and I started a site called "Spartan Rides"? I think that is what we called it. The idea was for SU students looking to go home, who needed a ride or was willing to share a ride. We got the basics worked out (enough for me to put PHP on my resume) and then we both lost interest. We were first to the game on that fount, and if we would have kept with that idea, we may have been able to make money.

Tim was a building construction management manager, and he is living near Washington DC, married with two small children. In college, Tim was always the one who wanted to take risks, I was the more level headed person in the group. Its strange how the roles have kind of reversed. I took a great deal of risk by opening Gravity Works. Carla likes to say calculated risk is different. I agree and try to calculate everything about everything.

Anyway, enough thinking and more describing the vacation. To bring in the new year, Carla and I made it to the plaza deck at Snowbird to watch the torch parade. About 100 skiers/snow boarders riding down the hill in the dark with was a site to see. After that, there was a fireworks show. Not the biggest fireworks show I have ever seen, but the best for sure. Watching the fireworks, through the snow covered trees, being with a group of people who where extremely rocked. These festivities all took place early in the evening, which left us to bring in the new years with tasty treats from the Wild Flower restraunt. I'm looking forward to bright 2011.