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Another snowy day here in Utah. With the road to the canyon being closed, Snow Bird was empty in the morning. Carlas feet were feeling better, so she decided to give it a shot and go out again.

After a while of skiing we came back in and I took care of some work, and worked on my Code Mash presentation. Carla had mentioned that the Steep and Cheep (website that sells outdoor gear cheap, like woot) crew were at Snow Bird and where handing out swag. They had green jackets, and I had been looking for them all week. Carla was checking Facebook, and saw they were giving away a set of Skis to the first people who found them....this was around 1:00.

Carla and I had lunch at the Snow Bird Center cafeteria, she had a $15 dollar salad and i have an $8 dollar bowl of chicken noodle soup. Skiing almost everyday has made my arms sore, so it was nice taking the slopes easy.

After a day of skiing, Carla and i headed back to the room and cleaned up and headed out for dinner. Because of the power day, the place was packed and people where trying to get out the canyon, so no luck in grabbing a shuttle to the cliff lodge where we were going to have $10 dollar fondue. We walked over, and enjoyed the snow. Walking past the Mexican restaurant at the cliff bar, we saw a few guys sitting around a table with green jackets. I looked at Carla and asked if those are steep and cheep guys. She said, "I think so". Mind you, we are outside and Carla is jumping up and down, making hand gester to these guys, and they are looking at her like she is nuts. I was pretty sure it was them, so i walked in the bar and asked and sure enough it was them. They had not given out the skis yet, but their requirement was you had to show them a piece of gear purchased from steep and cheap. Well i did not have any one, but ski all the time with my Smith IO goggles and wool underwear that had been purchased from steep and cheep.  Well, Carla's jacket was from steep and cheep last year. We are now the proud owners of a set of Rossignoal SC97   ...its a sweet ski and I'm excited about them.

After fondue and sushi, and a great dessert at the Aierie Lounge we grabbed a shuttle back to the Iron Blossom. It was there that we meet two older ladies who had been trying to get a shuttle to the Iron Blossom for 4 hours. They had spent the day at the spa at the Cliff Lodge, and didn't have warm enough close to get back. As the bell hop put it to you, these older women were feisty. This is their 27th year coming to Snowbird over the holidays. They had a bunch of things to talk about, complain about and be happy about. It was great seeing them have so much energy. The best part was in the shuttle back, Carla noticed a naked man through a window and asked "Is that a naked man", and both older women asked "where!!!".

Back at the Iron Blossom, Carla and I hit the pool again. It was packed, with what seemed like only one family. They two had been coming to Snow Bird over the holiday for over 20 years. After the pool it was bed for me, what a great day....I don't know how it could have been better.