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Let it snow!!! I always wondered what a powder day at a major ski resort would be like, well today was my day. Carla and I started our day off with a breakfast buffet, which was amazing. Cheese blintz, llocs and cream cheese, and other food made the breakfast one to remember. While eating, I overheard a conversation of a father to 8 young girls. The conversation revolved around what they should be doing with their futures, and discussed in depth the path a Ski School instructor here at Snow Bird took, and how it was wrong! This ski instructor, travels to Nepal in the summer, Northern California in the spring and spends the winters Utah, and has been doing this for 10 years.......but has no money in the bank. Success is determined only by you, and if you are doing what is making you happy then you are successful. He continued to rant about this, and then moved the topic to kids have to many distractions these days. This guy had to be in his 40's, and began to explain how there is no money in the "Social Garbage" you kids use all the time. Its amazing that people are so un-educated. I have plenty of friends that make good livings training people about social media, hell part of my income is based upon the "Social Garbage" this guy was talking about. I gathered this guy was some type of physician, but he sure had his ideas about what success was.

Staying at the resort has its benefits, with the shuttle between the different buildings being the best. With a quick phone call, there is a shuttle to move us where we need to go. Carla and I have used this service numerous times to get around, and try new places to eat while at the resort. Another benefit of staying at the resort is free night skiing. Since it was free, Carla wanted to try to go out for a bit.....but around 4:00 it really started snowing heavily. They closed the road into the canyon, which left many day skiers stuck here until the roads opened again (around 8pm). We started getting ready, but the weather was just to bad for us to go out, so we ended up hitting the pool again.

This trip to the pool was one to remember, there was 4 kids in there with the supervision of their father. The kids where early teens. When their father went in to the hot top, the kids started to throw snowballs at balcony of the rooms above the pool. What was great about this, was it was so funny to watch people come out and yell, and we could just say "not our kids". The father came back and put a stop to that, but suggested they try knocking the snow off the trees with snow i was up for that and spent about 1/2 hour with these kids knocking snow off trees with snowballs gathered from snow outside the pool, while sitting in the pool.

For dinner, we wanted to try someplace new, but everyplace was so packed with day skiers that where stuck and were waiting for the road to open again, so we just went to the Wild Flower Lounge again, and had wings...those things are addicting. 

We ended the night with a cherry strudel and nutella tart, and went for bed. We fell asleep to the sound of gun blasts for avalanche control.