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Day five in Utah has turned out to the best so far. With Carla not being able to ski, we needed to seek other actives, and felt we had exhausted our options where we were staying in SLC. The idea with that, was we were only going to be in the hotel for a few hours, because we were going to be out skiing all day and go to sleep when we got back. The hotel we were staying at did not have much to do, no pool and a very small enclosed hot tub.

We decided move up the canyon and stay at the Iron Blossom lodge, at Snowbird. We arrived about 12:00 and checked into our room. The balcony looks directory into the mountains, its beautiful.

After check in, I grabbed a 1/2 day lift ticket and was off. I snowboared for about two hours and then came back to the room to see how Carla was doing, and take a break. During this break, I was able to get some work done, and take a quick nap. Then i was back out until close. When i was done my feet where toast, i picked up new boots while i was here and they are still getting broken in.

After a quick shower, Carla and I headed to the Iron Blossom Lounge to 33 cent chicken wings. They were AMAZING, a sweet mustard/BBQ sauce combination. We sat there, looked at the mountain view and talked about past vacations. I have been to 47 states (Alaska, N.Dakota and S. Dakota are left), and hope to hit 50 in the next few years. I really want to hit Alaska.

After dinner, we took a trip to the outdoor pool and hot tub. The outdoor pool was heated, but much cooler than the hot tub, so i was able to stay in for a few hours. It was very nice, watching the snow cats move snow on the mountain throughout the night, the smell of pine trees and looking at the stars. It's going to be had to top day five.