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No snow boarding/Skiing for us today. Carla was having issues with boots, which led to a bunch of pain and bruised toes. I will spare everyone the gross picture of the toe, but include this less gross bruise found on her leg.

To start to solve the boot issue, we went to the local REI and she tried a few new pairs one, but still was having issues. After our trip to REI, we decided to go see the new Narnia movie. I'm not a big fan of seeing movies when I'm on vacation (usually to many other things to see), but Carla convinced me and it was great. The theater was huge (30 movies playing) and a ton of restaurants (not just concession) we had crepes before the show.

After the show, we headed back to the hotel before heading out to dinner. I worked some more on my fresh windows install, and Carla caught up with Facebook and Twitter. Carla calls herself my human aggregator. Its great, because I'm so busy she keeps me up to date with what our friends in the community are up to.

For dinner we went to the Red Iguana. This was a small Mexican place SLC. It reminded me a bunch of the Golden Harvest in Lansing. The line was out the door, in 30 degree weather, people were still standing out there waiting for food. This again let me to thoughts on quality. More specificity, around expansion and keeping high quality. My meal was good, but not the best i had ever had, but the place was very cool and had a good vibe to it.

After dinner we stopped by Tempel Square to see the Christmas lights. Walking around in the cold I could only imagine how long/how much it cost. Carla and I have been so busy we didnt even put up a tree this year (first time ever).