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Over the past year I have not been the best at blogging, at least on my personal site. During this year I have been working on numerous projects that have brought me away from this communication medium. In the past I have always found blogging relaxing, and a great way to get thoughts out of my head.

It’s my goal, over the next year to use to do this. The blog posts may not necessary be technical, but will allow me to get my thoughts out of my head.  What sparked this was my anticipation of an upcoming trip to Utah over the holidays for a skiing vacation/intense business planning session. My goal is to blog every day, over this trip with the last post being the annual year in review post.

Day one

Sitting in the Denver airport on Christmas Eve, watching people talk with their families and try to make their flights. Listening to conversations, it’s amazing how many people like to complain about things. Don’t get me wrong, I live to complain, but man it seems like everyone in this airport is complaining about something. During the fight from Detroit to Denver, I was able to read the Spartan Life by Scott Westerman who is the executive director of the MSU Alumni Association. The Spartan Life is collection of blog posts written by Scott. I wouldn’t save I’m a close friend of Scott, but I would definability say we are friends. I have had numerous conversations with Scott about various topics, and came to the conclusion very early on, Scott is a big thinker. Reading his book on the first leg of my journey was the best thing I could have done, It set a ton of learning, having fun, and getting things done that I was hoping would happen on this trip. Expect a review soon.

Carla, John and I ended up going to solitude for 1/2 the day. Yes that’s right, after flying from Detroit to Utah we dropped our stuff off at the hotel and then where off to the slopes. It was amazing, the views where great. It was great to be outdoors, and living life traveling down a mountain at 30mph. The slopes close at 4, so we had plenty of time to stop at whole foods to pick up Christmas Dinner for tomorrow night. Although, there is a Japanese steak house, and I could picture a Christmas Dinner from “A Christmas Story”, in the Chinese food restaurant with the waiters singing to them.  I’m hoping to spend some time tomorrow with Carla on the slopes of Snow Bird, and the retire to the hotel room and start working on an MVC chapter for an upcoming testing book.