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At TechEd 2010, Carla and I choose to get "bumpted" off our flight home in exchange for a pair of round trip tickets to any place Air Tran flew. We needed to use the tickets by May of 2011. Carla and I had no idea where we wanted to go, so we decided to get the tickets that would have cost the most money, which was to Bermuda. We are not usually "beach" people, with both of us having pail skin from never going outside. With a trip to Hawaii two years ago, this was our second "beach" vacation ever.

We did not research much, this spring was a crazy time for Gravity Works. We had a hotel, and a plan to just lay around and do nothing. On our more adventurous vacations there is a blog each day. Well this one, there is only one blog because we did not do that much.

We flew out of Detroit on Saturday at 6AM, which meant we needed to leave our house at 3AM (International flight and all). Carla was up all night, getting things ready, I was in bed by 9 so I was well rested. We had a short layover in Atlanta (where i saw some MSU alumni advertising), and then it was off to Bermuda. We arrived about 2pm local time and checked into the Fairmont SouthHampton, which was located on the south of the island. The island is only 12 miles wide and 20 miles long which is nuts, every thing was cramped together. We checked into the hotel, and Carla fell asleep right away, I was off to the beach to explore.

The beach was a short walk from the hotel, on my way I passed a lush golf course, bocce ball field, and cricket field as well. The beech was amazing. I was sitting there for about 1/2 hour, and then there was a wedding. It was a site to see.

I walked back up to the room, and woke Carla up to explain how cool the beech was. We ordered room service for dinner, and had a wonderful piece of key lime pie. That first day really set the tone for the rest of the trip. 

On sunday, we took our time waking up, and headed down to have brunch at 11AM. The buffet was great, with fresh fish and all kinds of pastries. After lunch, we went to the beech. I did not do anything but lay on the beech and swim, no reading no working, no digging holes. 

Monday, we decided not to be so lazy. We took a short walk to see a light house, then took a ferry into Hamliton. It was a tourist town. We looked through some shops, but did not buy anything. We did see the Barcardi Rum headquarters, that was kind of cool. In hind site, we should have just stayed on the beech. 

Back at the hotel, we went out to dinner, and then ordered more cake and pie through room service. 

Tuesday, was just the beach. We snorkled a ton, seeing  parts of ship wrecks, lots of fish and even a few sea turtles. 

For dinner on Tuesday night, we ate at the hotel again, at a restaurant named Bocci.I had fresh caught rock fish, and bread pudding for desert. It had chocolate in it. I was not crazy about that.

Wednesday, we knew we had to start our trek back home, but we were able to go to the beach for a bit and swim around. 

It was a nice relaxing vacation, I needed it. I needed to do nothing, so I can do more. I would recommend Hawaii before Bermuda any day, but this was a bunch of fun as well. 


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