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One of the best parts about attending user groups, is the conversations that take place afterwards. Sometimes its just in a hallway, or maybe its a the local pub. Often times the conversations are about the topic presented at the group, or new technologies or issues friends have encountered since the last time you saw them.

One such conversation came out of the after party at GLUGnet with a conversation with Jay Harris. We were talking about our personal web sites, if they held true to accessibility standards, how performant they were, how they looked on mobile phones and Jay mentioned his site does not work with IE 6. Being the smart ass that I am, I quickly responded with “So you think your a web developer”. Truth be told, I haven’t tested my site in IE 6 either, but I’m always looking for something to give Jay a hard time about. Update: my site has been tested in  IE 6, IE 7, IE8 sarfi, firefox 2, firefox 3 and chrome and it looks good.

Now Jay is a very smart guy, and a great web developer, and we are good friends so he knew I was just goofing around, but on the way home I started to think more about this phase “So You Think Your A Web Developer”, and figured this would be a great blog series. The hope for this series is to provide short posts of what I feel every web developer should know. For the next few months keep an eye out for SYTYAWD posts.